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Silicone Anti Snoring Tongue Retention Snoring Solution Sleep Breathing Apnea Night Guard Aid

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  • No Jaw Pain Side Affects, Gently keeps the tongue out of the airway, without moving the jaw
  • Works with Dentures, Partials or New Implants, Because it should not move the jaw, anyone can use.
  • Safety, the material is silicone, is safe and sound, anyone can use it easily.
  • Maximum comfort, placed in front of teeth, behind lips. cause gagging.
  • Easy to Use, No Set-up or Molding required. One size fits all. works straight out of the package.

How to use:

  • First mold the tongue device with hot water to comfortably fit your tongue.
  • After you put the device in your mouth before going to sleep, and turn it off when you wake. The device can be left in the protective cover provided between applications to dry and protect against dirt and damage.
  • The tongue device gently holds your lower jaw in a slightly forward position while you sleep. This opens the airway in your throat that helps reduce / eliminate snoring.


  • It uses simple tongue displacement technology instead of conventional jaw displacement, gently and comfortably eliminating snoring.
  • This mouthpiece uniquely uses a suction effect to pull the tongue forward and out of the airway.
  • Often, the reason people snore is gravity pulling the tongue and tissues around the back of the throat causing an airway obstruction.
  • By removing the tongue obstruction from your throat, your snoring can be significantly reduced or completely eliminated!
  • The Good Morning Snore Solution is clinically proven as a snoring treatment. this mouthpiece only focuses on the placement of your tongue.
  • This is an advantage for many people because it does not pull the jaw into a forward position - which can cause some jaw discomfort.
  • There is no preparation, no set-up, or molding process. It can be worn with or even instead of a night guard. it can also be worn with dentures. It is a widely used and effective product.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Anti Snoring Tongue Retention Device.