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Quick Clean Pet Hair Fluffy Removal Brush Stainless Steel Needle Comb Cat Puppy Grooming Tool

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  • Material:Stainless steel,plastic,rubber;
  • Size:S,L;
  • Color:Pink,green;
  • Season:All seasons.

Pet Hair Fluffy Comb:

  • Grooming not only keeps your dog's coat in good health,it reduces the amount of hair shed in your home and provides an opportunity to connect more closely with your dog.Whether you are wanting to keep the hair of your dog / cat in tidy condition or are just looking to keep your carpet clean,this pet comb will make short work of keeping your dog healthy looking and your home free of unwanted dog hair.

Using Tips: 

  • The pin brush is the essential brush that you will use for weekly maintenance of your pets.It should slide easily through the hair without making any rough scraping or tearing sounds. 

Straight Pin Brush VS Pin Brush With Nobs: 

  • Pin brushes come in two styles,those with nobs on the ends of the pins and those with straight pins.Never use the style with nobs on the ends,they are designed to remove hair,it will pull and tear at healthy hair,making the grooming experience unpleasant and even painful for pets. 

The Wide Toothed Mini Comb: 

  • The wide toothed comb is used as a finishing comb for your pets,it is used to detect any small knots and clumps of loose hair that were missed in the brush-out of the pets.The teeth of the comb are spaced at 0.04 inch distance from each other and the edge length is 3.5cm.


  • Combing order:Starting from the neck,front to back,up to down in turn.
  • Comb from the neck to the shoulder,and then turn to the back,chest,waist,abdomen,rear,then comb the hair,and finally the feet and tail.
  • Combing method:Combing quickly and gently along the hair.For the long hair dogs,you should comb coat by coat.Turn up the long hair and comb the under coat.
  • Non-sticky and flexible material,easy to clean yourself and your pets.


  • Keep beyond children's touch.
  • Do not use for other purpose except for pet.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Pet Hair Brush
  • 1 x Small Comb