Digital Thermometer & Timer Kitchen/Laboratory Thermo/Timer

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Digital Thermometer & Timer Kitchen/Laboratory Thermo/Timer

  • Use one 1.5 volt. AAA Battery.
  • The thermo-temp. And set temp. Will be displayed
  • The thermo-temp. Is showing the current temperature.
  • The thermo-temp. Is showing set temperature for alarm function.
  • 50° C SET-TEMP
  • The default set temp. Is 50° C. Use the UP or DOWN button to set the proper temperature
  • To decrease the set temp. Press DOWN
  • To increase the set tem. Press UP
  • Hold the DOWN or UP button down for a fast decrement or increment.
  • If you have set a Worong temperature, simply press DOWN and UP simultaneously to reset
  • Press the START button once, the alarm stand by mode will replace the setting mode
  • The alarm will sound when the THERMO- TEMP. Reaches the SET-TEMP.
  • Press STOP button once to stop the alarm. Temp. Range: -50° C~300° C (-58° F~572° F)


  • The timer is used to keep track of your setting time in hours, minutes, and/or seconds
  • Push the TIMER-THERMO button to the TIMER. The setting mode will be dispayed.
  • Press the MIN and SEC buttons simultaneously to reset. (You may repeat this step anytime to stop or reset the unit. )  Use the MIN and SEC buttons to set the time. Press MIN to set minutes and / or hours. Press SEC to seconds.
  • Hold the MIN or SEC button down for a fast increment. When the minute dlgit Reach 60, it will advance to an hour.
  • If you have set a wrong time, rest (see setp 2)
  • If you have set the correct time, press the START button once.
  • NOTE: Once the time has been set, DO NOT push the TIMER /THERMO button, since it Will cancel the set time.
  • The alarm stand by mode replaces the setting mode the time starts to count down
  • The timer will sound when it counts down to 00: 00 00.
  • Press the STOP button once to stop the alarm.
  • The unit will return to its pre-set position. Your may reset the unit or start again.

Package content

 1 × Thermometer & Timer

1 × adapter line

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