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Dependable Dual USB 5V 2.1A Aluminum Alloy Full Metal Safety Hammer Car Charger for iPhone / Cellphone / GPS - Gold

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Connector Dual USB
Compatibility Universal
USB Port 2 Ports
Type Car Charger
W/ Cable without Cable
Power Plug Car Cig Plug
Input 12-24V
Output Current 2.1A


  • Material:Aluminum alloy;
  • Output current:2100mA;
  • Working temperature:50 ℃;
  • Input:12v-24V;
  • Output:5V 1000mA;
  • Aluminum alloy full metal design, durable and elegant appearance;
  • Universal dual 2 ports USB car charger adapter;
  • Can charge two USB devices in your car at same time;
  • Use your car to charge any devices;
  • Ultra-portable,compact design,the smallest volume 2.1A output current car charger on the market currently,the volume is very small,easy to carry and use;
  • Aluminum alloy material made,with anti-drop shockproof,fire retardant characteristics,extremely durable,long service life;
  • With security hammer function,security intimate experience;
  • Stunning blue light charging instructions,noble and elegant,beautiful personality;
  • Standard USB voltage output,automatic over-current,overload protection,built-in security,can prevent accidental damage to the device;
  • Imported car charger IC design,large current,fast charge.

Package included: 

  • 1 x Safety Hammer Car Charger