LCD Digital Spoon Scale Volume for Kitchen Medical and Industrial Use

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LCD Digital Spoon Scale Volume for Kitchen Medical and Industrial Use

  • Main function: Weighing, Count, Measurement
  • LCD digital display
  • With solar charger
  • With 3.6V 1 X 2032 rechargeable lithium battery
  • Auto zero resetting
  • Auto power off after 60 seconds (button "I" for power)
  • Operation temperature: 10°C-30°C
  • The scope of application: Medical measurement, industrial tune color, kichen supplies, particle counting

Key Definitions:

  • I Function: The system here in the off state, then the boot keys
  • I Function: ON state when the Click button to shut down function
  • T Feature: When the weight range is greater than zero key here is peeled,except if the skincondition,weight(compared with zero)is greater than zero, then the continuous addition to leather,if less than zero, then the abolition of In addition to skin; when the weight of the range is less than zero key here is sett to zero,forcing the current weight set to zero
  • U Function: up to 4 optional units,the system turned on,click here to keys to switch the order of units.shut down to save units. In the off state holding down this key and then turn key to enter calibration mode
  • C functions: counting function

Use function:

  • Press I key:turn after the show full-evident,pan stable display 0.0(g), re-enter the state of mind.
  • Press U key:Press U key ang hold until the show CAL, put pan on the items take that,then a Mode button, flashing display "200g", began to calibration 0:00 to 200 grams of weight placed on pan if stable, then display  "PASS" calibration over,return to weighing state;if unstable,then display "FALL", and automatically shutdown. Note: The 200g Calibration 300g.
  • Press T key: the number of cases has stabilized, press T key to display the value is cleared.
  • a short press C key: then enyer the count of the state.
  • When the sample without sampling:
  • points in the boot state, click this button to enter the counting function,and values prevail over sub-samples are counted.
  • To exit point of counting the state and then click the switch to weigh the state.
  • When the required sample sampling:
  • in the boot state,placed in the pan on the sample.Long Press count button 2 seconds,the system shows the last sample of the sampling value, release;then by pressing the Mode button to adjust values to be sampled in the sampling time, every time I press the Mode button the number of samples pius 25, the biggest added to 100. Adjusted to the desired value and then click a button to confirm the sample COU, you can count the use.The state point in the count, click count COU key to exit function.

Package included:

  • 1 x  Spoon Scale Volume (included 1pc 3.6V 2032 Rechargeable Lithium Battery)
  • 1 x English Manual

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