Supply Exfoliating Manicure Nail Care and Nutrition 16 Tool Set

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Supply Exfoliating Manicure Nail Care and Nutrition 16 Tool Set

  • Foam hand bowl : warm water hand , comfortable and durable, easy to facilitate soaked skin care .
  • Of cotton means : for fingers apart to facilitate essential manicure and nail polish .
  • Bates : refers to the edge of aging skin and soften the dead skin , the barb .
  • Cuticle pusher : Push the nail root from more dead . Resurrection piece tool that can be used daily .
  • Dead skin fork: portable manicure , repair dead , go barb .
  • Cuticle scissors : sharp and durable , trim dead skin and stubborn thick hard skin and so on.
  • Brush : Professional called cleaning brush , you can always remove excess dander .
  • Nutritional Oil: contains a variety of nutrients and vitamins , for repair dead fingers over the edge , massage repair.
  • Sided sand bar : Wide , ultra durable manicure sand thickness on both sides fell .
  • Polished blocks: four used in order from coarse to fine flour, and are used to polish a surface , you can throw away the bump and horny.
  • Polishing wax : This is the import of polishing wax, very easy to use , the effect is very obvious.
  • Sheepskin throw : When using polishing wax, wipe dampened the necessary size of sesame seeds with a little sheepskin to throw light armor surface ( pure sheepskin gray )
  • Calcium Primer : Color few calls for the transparent color for everyday nail polish smeared and underlying oil , a healthy long-term use can armor .
  • Transparent oil : Through high polish, nail polish for the topmost oil , highlighting anti-UV .
  • Toolbox : PP translucent double box .

Package included

  • 1x Supply Exfoliating Manicure Nail Care and Nutrition 16 Tool Set

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