Mini USB 11 Pin 3.5mm Earphone Audio Adapter with Mic For HTC

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Connector USB


Mini USB 11 Pin 3.5mm Earphone Audio Adapter with Mic For HTC  

* Strong and durable, light in weight
* 11pins to 3.5mm head jack stereo adapter cable with microphone for answering phone calls
* On/off button
* Handy clip attached for clipping on your shirt

Compatible model:
HTC series including:HTC Touch Diamond / HTC Diamond 100 / HTC P6500 / HTC Sirius 100 / HTC 5800 / HTC Libra 100 / HTC P3470/HTC Pharos 100
HTC Touch Cruise / HTC P3650 / HTC Polaris 100 / HTC Kii 100 / HTC S730 / HTC Wings 100 / HTC Touch Dual / HTC P5500 / HTC Nike 100 / HTC Touch / HTC Kaiser P4550 / HTC TyTN II / HTC Panda / HTC P6300 / HTC P4350 / HTC Mogul / HTC Titan / HTC P4000 / HTC Herald/HTC Trinity/HTC P3600/HTC P3300/HTC Artemis/HTC Excalibur/HTC S620/HTC S310/HTC Oxygen/HTC TyTN/HTC MTeoR/HTC Breeze/HTC Advantage X7500 7501 / Athena/ HTC S710 / HTC Vox / HTC Cavalier / HTC S630 / HTC P3400/HTC Gene
Dopod series including: Dopod C730 / Dopod S1 / Dopod C500 / Dopod D600
/ Dopod C800/Dopod C858 / Dopod D810 / Dopod CHT9100 / Dopod P800W / Dopod C750 / Dopod M700/Dopod C720W/Dopod 838Pro /Dopod 595 / Dopod U1000 / Dopod S1
T-Mobile series including: T-Mobile Shadow / T-Mobile MDA Compact III/T-Mobile Dash/MDA Vario II / T-Mobile MDA Touch / T-Mobile AMEO / MDA Vario III
Qtek series including: Qtek P3600/Qtek G200/Qtek 7200/Qtek 9600/Qtek 8600
Orange series including: Orange SPV C100/Orange SPV M650 /Orange SPV M700/Orange SPV M3100 / SPV E650
i-mate series including: i-mate JASJAM
O2 series including: O2 XDA Star / O2 XDA Nova / O2 Xda Trion / O2 Xda Cosmo / O2 XDA Orbit / O2 XDA Orbit II / O2 Xda Stellar / O2 XDA Argon
Cingular series including: Cingular 8525
Vodafone series including: Vodafone v1415 / Vodafone VDA V
Swisscom XPA v1605
Softbank X01HT / X02HT
UTStarcom 6800
Sprint PPC-6800 / Verizon VX6800
Verizon SMT5800/Verizon XV5800
AT&T ATT 8925


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