3 Color Pop-Up Flash Diffuser Cover for Canon & Nikon

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3 Color Pop-Up Flash Diffuser Cover for Canon & Nikon

3 Color Pop-Up Flash Diffuser Cover for Canon & Nikon
This Pop-Up Flash Diffuser is for use on Canon/Nikon DSLR or SLR camera that has a hot shoe and pop-up flash. 
The Best Flash Diffuser is used to create exposures of even density over the entire surface of film. Use the Pop-Up Flash Diffuser by placing it flush against the front of the lens and exposing through it. It has a convex, dimpled white diffuser front that softens and disperses the light from your camera's pop-up flash. The Pop-Up Flash Diffuser mounts in the hot-shoe slot of digital cameras with a flash, greatly softening light. This fits cleanly over the head of your existing flash, no need for cumbersome attachments, hooks. So, no matter what model hot shoe camera, or height of its Pop-Up Flash Diffuser adapts. It packs completely flat for convenient storage in your camera bag or pocket and has different mounting positions for the perfect fit for any popup flash camera.
Camera Flash Diffuser for Canon is great for portraits, group photo and close-ups of objects. 


  • The Pop-Up flash diffuser cover for Canon Nikon
  • Using the soft diffuser cover the light from your flash for a natural look
  • You should use the Best Flash Diffuser all the time, even for fill flash
  • Diffusing your fill flash will give a natural look much better than the harsh fill of the direct flash, and without having to dial down the fill level
  • Dialing down the fill level to hide the fill reduces the flashes effectiveness
  • Using a diffuser instead to soften the fill effect allows you to retain the correct fill level
  • Compatible with: Canon & Nikon Camera
  • Size: 91 x 45 x 17mm/3.6 x 1.8 x 0.7in(L x W x H)

Spread the Light

  • There isn't a lot of mystery to how flash diffusers work. They simply diffuse or spread the available light over a larger plane to decrease the harsh shadows that are caused by direct lighting. This can be done by redirecting the light to a larger plane, using flash diffusers that will bounce light around a curved, light surface or attaching professional or homemade diffusers to your flash
  • Supplemental Versus Integral
  • Some photographers prefer to use white plastic flash diffusers to cover their in-camera flash. This provides a larger surface for the light particles to bounce around on, and because the area of surface increases, the lighting becomes diffused and the shadows are softer

Package Included:

  • 3 x Pop-Up Flash Diffuser Covers for Canon & Nikon Camera
  • 1 x Bracket

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