High Performance Metal Automatic Numbering Machine NO.7509 (9 Code)

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High Performance Metal Automatic Numbering Machine NO.7509

  • Product NO. 7509
  • Brand New;
  • High Performance Metal Material;
  • Automatic Numbering Machine with Stamp pad ink;
  • Height: 13.5 cm;
  • Applicable to a variety of notes file number;
  • With automatic inking, automatic jump number as well as automatic binary;
  • Locks in down position to easily change number;
  • Quick release inking cartridge allows for easy re-inking without a mess;
  • Smooth easy action reduces fatigue but produces clean crisp numbers. 

How to ink:

  • Press the handle down half-way and remove ink pad clasp while pinching handle lock;
  • To ink must be just the right amount;
  • Both too much or little ink-filling will make it unlegible.

How to get movements:

  • Hole the action-indicator, unclasp and move it along the index plate to desired number repeat slot. For example, slot 3 represents number- changing after repeat the same number three times continuously. What other slots represent are all on the analogy of what slot 3 does. The figures on the index plate represent as follows:
  • 0--Repeat the same number indefinitely;
  • 1--consecutive 12345678901234567890.......
  • 2--Duplicate    1122334455667788990011.......
  • 3--Triplate      111222333444555666777888999000111....
  • 4--Quadruplicate  11112222333344445555666677778888999900001111....
  • 5--Quintuplicate   1111122222333334444455555666667777788888999990000011111.........
  • 6--Sextuplicate   111111222222333333444444555555666666777777888888999999000000111111...
  • 12--Twelve times   111111111111222222222222333333333333444444444444...
  • Put the action-indicator between 3&4 on the index plate.  Number of movements depends on machine model.

How to get desired figures

  • Press the handle down and push the handle lock to the right. Set figure wheels to desired number by turning them consecutively forward with the attached plastic stick. If zero number is not required for all the digits other than the unit one, posh this digit to the zero number a little aorward and press downward with the plastic stick. This zero number will sink down and not appear in the impression.


  • Use only numbering machine ink provided by manufacturing factory for the machines to keep turn nimble and to make the machines durable in use. If there are comparatively much dirt in the inside of the machine, use benzine or kerosine oil to wash and brush the shifting part to insure correct number-changing of the machine. Don't apply too much force on the machine. While numbering, put some of soft paper or rubber underneath in order to effect a nicer printing.
  • Never use ordinary stamp inks, printing inks and inks containing chloring, fluorine, nickel, iodine alkili and alkenoacetic acid,etc.

Package includes:

  • 1× Hand Stamp
  • 1× Inking Pads
  • 1× Number Changing Pick
  • 1× Bottle of Black Ink

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